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The Border Collie rescue and rehabilitation Centre has to temporarily close its doors . We are full to the brim and physically cannot fit anymore in . It breaks my heart to do this but please everyone out there who is waiting to bring dogs in please don’t give up on your dog and pts please just wait a while .
Obviously we have a lot of collies and one or two non collies that are ready to go out to experienced homes , they range from 1 year old up to 10 years old .
Please message me for details .
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Thankyou everyone for your lovely comments it’s is only temporary untill I can get the numbers down . I have to be able to spend time doing rehabilitation with these dogs otherwise they will never get a new home

What makes me angry is people deciding to get a dog without thinking it through properly, choosing the wrong breed for their experience, family makeup, time available etc Dogs need 100 % commitment 100% of the time. Rescue centres do an amazing job, so thank you to you all

Hi I am in Scotland would you rehome a collie here I would love to adopt one I am retired but fit do lots of walking live near a beach woods and hills so have plenty time for a dog, grew up with dogs. Thanks

I will share this in my group. Sorry to hear about this. I hope some of these dogs find their forever homes.

Totally understand, Thank-you for all your help, what you do is beyond Amazing, we wouldn't have coped this last year without your kindness & dedication , Thank-you 🧑 From us all at KWUK

The quality of care you give must be upheld its very sad your unable to help any more at this present time however the decision is obviously for the best. We are looking for a special girl for our 19 month old boy. She needs to be happy with house mates we have 4 cats and 2 elderly bunnies and chickens if you have any suitable were be more then happy to help. Were very active outdoors in all seasons large secure garden with fields surrounding us

i’m so sorry you’re in this situation - our lovely lad from you is just blossoming; shared x

You can only do so much Diane. Other rescues are finding the same problem. You do such an amazing job. No one can do more 🐾❀️🐾

I can only imagine what a difficult decision this has been for you Diane Hart The Sheepdog/Collie Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre I feel such deep gratitude for all that you do for the dogs. Thank you πŸ™

Is there anyway people can help share to dogs? Do you have an album of them?

Well Diane it's with a heavy heart that we read this but if we're honest with ourselves it was only a matter of time that this was going to happen, anybody who knows what you do and knows you personally will agree with me that over a period of time it's taken its toll on you and like you say it breaks your heart to do this but I do think you need a small break from these irresponsible so called dog lovers with no time and patience to sort things out ! . .can't be bothered we'll threaten the poor animal with end of life and you end up admirably taking the poor thing on . .they're taking the micky out you and they know it. Sorry if this offends but was not intended but maybe someone reading this will feel a little guilty x

So sorry Diane, I hope this post finds homes for some. Mel continues to be a delight ♥️

I have shared your message. You can only do so much. You do an amazing job with all the dog's x

Would love a collie if there would be one suitable for our family. 2 children 11 and 7, 11 year old and myself do agility and we are looking for a collie that would be eager to learn. I also run canicross and canihike up plenty of hills at the wknd. Lots of trick training also. We have a 4 year old springer who is very used to the collie ways as we are often socialising with lots of different dogs. I do work full time but my springer spends the days with my parents as would any future dogs so would never be left alone and we live relatively rural. Would love to hear if you feel we could make a good home for one of your dogs.

You do an amazing job! I hope Pip has been thriving as much as we saw him when we dropped him off a year ago!! X

Why don't you advertise the dogs that are ready for rehoming so that people can enquire? This will help massively with finding homes! X

Hi! I have dropped a text and tried to call as suggested but haven’t heard back as of yet. I understand you must be very busy! We are looking for a young female to join our active home. We walk a lot as well as do a lot of training, including agility and fitness conditioning. We have two other border collies and a cocker spaniel, all female. We are looking for a dog who is keen to learn and good with other dogs. If you have a girl you think might suit us please let us know! It would be a bonus if you have any information on parents regarding hip scores etc. But I understand this is highly unlikely with rescue dogs! Hannah ☺️

So sorry to hear that you are in this heartbreaking position. I would love to adopt a Collie and have been trying, without success, to adopt for the past 18 months. Border collies were part of our family for over 20 yrs and our last beautiful girl passed away in Jan 2020. πŸ˜₯ Wonderful dogs. πŸ’•

I hope Cookie is still OK. I do miss her.

Hi, we are familly with 2 kids age 8 and 6. We live in the house and have spacios garden... We would love to adopt a Collie...

I would happily take in a young collie - would prefer female but would consider male if he could fit in with my [passively] dominant male. 52 years of owning the breed, dogs are with me all day, every day and I work in the equestrian sector so they have lots of outdoor freedom / playtime.

A friend shared your post , if you are having trouble finding homes then the " pets for homes " website may be the place to advertise if you don't already

I live in Devon would you be willing to re-home one down here, have had collie's in the past. Have you any pictures please

We'd love another collie but unfortunately can't afford at present.

No rush for me here in Yorkshire ..will probably be looking again after Christmas ( when no doubt you will end up with another influx of "unwanted presents ") . I currently have a spayed female merle age 10 and we just had to have her lifetime companion PTS 1/11/21 πŸ˜₯...when things calm down please feel free to message me early 2022 if you need a collie home X good luck ...will speak next year

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Just wanted to up date you a little - Jasper is back to his old self, before the issues. He’s happy again and so far we’ve had no issues. I’ve even managed to get him to walk past bikes with only one bark. He’s playing with all dogs we see, when before he’d fight, he’s also quite for 2/3hours when left (so far!) and he’s listening again to commands, plus actually sleeps after a walk! We can’t thank you enough! Just wanted to send you some videos of him now ☺️ ... See MoreSee Less

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This is Mel that I adopted from you last January doing some training this afternoon. She is so lovely - thank you Diane

Here he is! Can’t thank you enough! X


Hi Diane, My dog Benji, has been with you for quite a while now following someone called Kevin placing him in your care. I would love to see how he is doing, as I had him from 8 weeks old and it broke my heart to let him go. If you’re able to message me or send any pictures I would love to see them! Thanks, Ella.

Good news xx

So pleased for you both xx

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Another happy young dog in his new home . Lots of love and luck to this gorgeous boy x ... See MoreSee Less

Another happy young dog in his new home . Lots of love and luck to this gorgeous boy x

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Have you reached the magic 100 yet? πŸ™‚. So pleased we found you when we did.

He's going to have a lovely life. Looks so settled already.

How wonderful 😍 You are so kind and so inspirational to do what you do x

He will have a wonderful home x

Aw what a beautiful collie xx

Excellent news Diane! Hope he settles and all works out for the best.

Diane Hart The Sheepdog/Collie Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre Hi! I have messaged you - it may be in others/requests! x

Well done Diane, you are doing a wonderful job 🐺🐺

How lovely xx

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Hello world. Mum you've shrunk him again !!!! ... See MoreSee Less

Hello world. Mum  youve shrunk him again !!!!

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What a beautiful puppy

Hi thought it was time to make an appearance , my bro (hello world) is taking all the limelight so this space 😁😁😁 ... See MoreSee Less

Hi thought it was time to make an appearance , my bro (hello world) is taking all the limelight so this space 😁😁😁

Hello world it's me again . Look what Bro and me can do .....together 😁😁 ... See MoreSee Less

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Aaaw! Sweet πŸ’•


What a gorgeous boy πŸΆπŸ’™

Hello world guess what I can do , yes I can get on the sofa with begins at 4 months !!!!😁😁😁😁πŸ€ͺ ... See MoreSee Less

Hello world guess what I can do , yes I can get on the sofa with begins at 4 months !!!!😁😁😁😁πŸ€ͺ

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That’s my boys ❀️ The look of perfection......five minutes later, running around like loons 😜

Here are the kids at stupid o'clock this morning . They couldn't wait to go out to play ... See MoreSee Less

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That's amazing.. How is colin with the snow, he's not seen it before ❄️

Awww brilliant! What did Champ make of the snow? πŸ™‚

Snow!! Morty absolutely loves the snow, you’ll have trouble getting him back in. Hope he’s doing ok, would love to see some videos πŸ₯°β„️

They look like they are loving every second!! Hopefully meet them all soon when we are able to 😊

So beautiful, we are looking at rehoming,but we are in stoke on trent ,

Look like they're enjoying that. How's Bailey getting on dont think hes seen snow here before

Just love the white stuff! πŸΎπŸΎβ›„πŸ•

Kerryn Morgan

Lee Mckern

Love it!

Diane Hart omg the furbabys are loving it xoxo

Bless them

Oh dear, poor you least it isn't mud (yet)

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Hello everyone . Just wanted to let you know that I am living in my new house now , with my new parents It's very nice here ,lots to do and places to go, long, long walks, good company and all important ....plenty of me time . ... See MoreSee Less

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Pretty puppy. Just lost one after 17 years. Collies are brilliant πŸ‘xxx

Can't wait to come and adopt... Xx

Aww lovely puppy 🐢 xx 😘

Awh 😍😍😍

Gorgeous puppy xx

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