We are a specialist Border Collie rescue and rehabilitation centre, based in Pencader, Wales

We have been rescuing and training Border Collies for the past 30 years.

We can offer advice in Canine management for dogs with behaviour issues including:
  • Lack of socialising
  • Biting
  • Lead walking
  • Aggressive behaviour
  • Lunging at objects and people
One to one sessions can be given to both dogs and owner’s.

Many of the Border Collies come into us with behavioural problems such as fear aggression, lack of socializing, biting etc.

Stage 1 of the rehabilitation process is to encourage the dogs to become part of a pack. This allows them to learn respect for each other and obtain a few basic manners towards other dogs and for some, to simply learn how to be a dog.

As every dog learns at a different pace, they are treated as individuals and only move on to the next stage when ready. They are given time to allow the natural characters to come forward and then we can progress to rehabilitation stage 2.

This stage is then to face any remaining problems such as walking correctly on leads, lunging at vehicles and people, basic manners in public and general social skills they will encounter on a daily basis.

Because they come to the rescue with varying degrees of problems, some dogs remain here for quite a long period of time. Some are lucky and can leave after a few weeks.

We always look for experienced homes for our dogs to ensure that their progress continues. Later in 2021, we will be providing short weekend courses of behavioural training for both dogs and owners.

How to find us

For all enquiries, please call us on 07837831107

SA39 9JE.

Please make an appointment before visiting our site.